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We are soo excited you are considering to be a model for the MAX Competition and want you to feel prepared! When arriving to get painted for the competition it is best to bring Comfortable warm cloths to wear that are easy to take off and put back on, for example loose sweat pants and a oversize T-shirt, or a T-shirt style dress are great options! During Breaks you will need to have a comfortable robe to travel to the bathroom or other parts of the venue. If you have long hair it might be a good Idea to bring a scrunchie or hair wrap to keep hair away while the artist is painting. Please keep in mind that body paint might get on clothing and stain, so dark colors might be more forgiving. Once you know who your artist is, it would be suggested that you talk to them to discuss what you are comfortable wearing whilst being painted and to get a understanding of the creative vision! Maybe your artist needs you to bring other things such as Mascara, or Lip Products. A packing list is a good idea to remind you of things you need prior to arriving. If you get cold easily, maybe bring a heating pad or hand warmers. During the painting process you will need to wear seamless undergarments that the artist can paint over. Take a look below for acceptable wear.
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