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How BCC came to be...


When I started doing face and body paint in 2005, I worked at a theme park, days were so hot and sweaty and I remember asking “why isn’t there a brush on body paint that’s sweat resistant?” I was 16, it was my first job, but in spite of the long days, I fell in love with transforming children and adults into fabulous creatures and the feeling that I was one of the experiences that brought delight in their day...That's not when Body Color Cosmetics started, but that's when I first jumped into this magical world of colorful painted faces.


 Early I noticed that there was a void in the body paint and cosmetic industry. Artists, entertainers and enthusiasts needed a body paint for conditions that involved water resistance, but would also not burn the eyes like with Alcohol activated water resistant makeups; They also needed a brush on solution for events where electricity for an airbrush was not readily available.

I had just finished filming a reality show called Skin Wars, and returned back in the Carolina's. I was going through a divorce, and had thoughts of  "whats next? surely this not all..". I went to sleep that night and as silly as it sounds I dreamed that I had a body paint company that offered water resistant brush on body paint in many colors. when I woke up from my dream, I thought "the reason why its not created yet is because I am supposed to create it!" ...yes it sounds so silly, but immediately after I started using my life long inquisitive skills and researching everything I could about cosmetic formulation, regulations and using knowledge I already had gained from the decade of painting, cosmetology and permanent tattooing.

I did not have the money to fund the expedition of having a body paint, so I decided I would save my own personal money and start a Kickstarter, however about a week into the kickstarter I had broken my ankle and was unable to walk. I decided to put off plans to start Body Color Cosmetics until I could fully walk again.

October 2017 I decided to start a GoFundMe instead of a kickstarter. GoFundMe gave me the opportunity to raise money without having a cut off time limit. On January 1, 2018 the GoFundMe raised enough money to start Body Color Cosmetics. It took another year to source ingredients, supply containers, find a Manufacturing studio and obtain documents for a legitimate legal Business and send out all the GoFundMe Kits promised to the people who were donors to the GoFundMe.

At last on April 1, 2019 Body Color Cosmetics Launched its first day of selling Body Color Cosmetics online as a solution to Artists, entertainers and enthusiasts that desire a product for longevity, and water resistance. 



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