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Model Judgeing

Models will be Judged 3 separate times, Demonstrating different areas of modeling.

The First Judging will be with the Photographer, they will be looking at how comfortable you look in front of the camera and how well you know how to move for camera work to show off the art. 25% of your total score.

The Second Judging is with the Body Paint Judges, these Artists have seen thousands of Models throughout the years and will take in account how you "sell" your artists work and show off valuable aspects of the piece. 25% of your total score.

The last part of judging is Audience Choice Judging, this is where you will show off the art work to the Audience in a way that is fun and expressive to the over all design of your piece painted. This is the biggest and most important part as it accounts for 50% of your total score! 


Model Judgeing Rubric:

Click on the PDF to see exactly how you will be scored.


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