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Experience the radiant glow of RAVE Helianthus, a UV-activated body paint that transforms under blacklight, illuminating with vibrant and captivating colors.


Product Highlights:

  • UV-Activated Glow: Glows brilliantly under UV light, creating a stunning and luminous effect.
  • Rich and Vibrant Colors: Offers intense hues that come alive under UV illumination.
  • EU Cosmetic Regulation Approved: Complies with EU cosmetic regulations for safe use.
  • Caution: Not FDA-approved; use at your own discretion and risk.
  • Water and Sweat Resistant: Formulated to withstand moisture, ensuring long-lasting wear.
  • Easy Application: Applies smoothly with brushes; no airbrush needed.
  • Made in the USA: Proudly crafted with precision and care.


Perfect For:

  • Nightlife and Events: Ideal for parties, raves, and festivals where UV lighting enhances the vibrant hues.
  • Cosplay and Theatrical Makeup: Elevate characters and costumes with dynamic and glowing effects.
  • Artistic Creations: Enhance your artwork with the captivating glow of RAVE Helianthus.


RAVE Helianthus UV-activated body paint adds an enchanting touch to your creative expressions, making every moment under UV light unforgettable with its dazzling glow. Perfect for creating luminous and impactful designs that stand out in any setting enhanced by UV illumination.

RAVE Helianthus UV-Activated Body Paint (30 grams)

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