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This Kit includes:

-One 1oz Clear Primer

-1 Premier Preference Palettes

-36 Matte Spectrum Powders: Ghostly, Nimbus, Salem, Nadja, Traffic Stop Red, Red Review, Fire Truck, Alphabet Soup, Praline, Sedona, Orancha Glad?, Banana POP, Singing Canary, Witches Brew, Persian Lime, Grassy Trove, Lawn Care, Ugly Sweater Green, Spruce, Dino Green, Twisted Night, Blue Suede Shoes, Avalon’s Ocean, Springtime Breeze, Allium, Iris, Wooley Purple, Dark Web, Damson, Evolet, Dining at Madonna's, Bleeding Heart, Cupid, Doll Baby, Salt Water Taffy, Augusta


36 Matte Color Spectrum Powder Kit

$411.99 Regular Price
$370.79Sale Price
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