Thank you everyone who participated in our very first competition!

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1st Place


Average total score of 8.35

Finding Happiness! To me it means walking together with my family, strong, no matter what. There can be clouds, there can be rocks, there can be water flooding your life, with love and faith we will be able to see the beauty and light!

Submission done by:
Bianca Hannah
2nd Place


Average total score of 8.30

When I was young my grandmother told me I use to love running faster than my feet would catch up in wide open fields full of grass, daisies and dandelions. I would laugh so hard as I ran catching the wind, feeling so much joy in my heart. I was surrounded by the stillness and beauty of nature, such peace and quiet. Then I would just fall to the grass, lay there and smile. During times like this you have to go back to the simple pleasures of life like an open field, lake, a calm quiet place in nature. you find such beauty, peace, and tranquility to quiet all the noise around you and inside your mind. Close your eyes and exhale. This is finding happiness for me.

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Submission done by:
Tamina Muhammad
3rd Place


Average total score of 7.98

This is a painting based on the enclosed picture, of me as a child, and my grandfather (who died shortly after this picture was taken). To me this painting fits the theme 'Finding Happiness' because while I don't have many memories of my grandfather because I was so young when he passed, I still remember him as a kind and caring man. I was happy when I painted this because it gave me time to recall all that I could, and think about the wonderful person that he was. This painting also brought joy to my families faces, as I didn't tell them I was painting this until I could show them the finished product.

Submission done by:
Aislyn White